AutoSpell Complete Check

AutoSpell Complete Check 6.1

Software to autospell in other Windows application

AutoSpell Complete Check software is designed to work with any Microsoft Windows application that utilizes either regular edit or advanced edit functions.

What this program does is automatically check the spelling as you type in a word. There won't be any need to press on any hot key in order to perform this function.

The program acts like the average spellcheck program you have with any Windows application, but with additional features to speed up your editing process.

AutoSpell Complete Check provides suggested words to replace any misspelled word. The program works on not just words but with sentences and paragraphs to check if your sentence sounds logical.

AutoSpell Complete Check works on other web applications like Yahoo Instant Messaging, MSN Instant Messaging, fax applications, development tools from Delphi, Sourcesafe, Wise Set Up and Visual Basic C ++, Excel, Exchange, FrontPage, Microsoft Mail and News, NotePad, Outlook, Outlook Express, WordPad, Works, Word, accounting software and more.

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AutoSpell Complete Check


AutoSpell Complete Check 6.1

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